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Balneotherapeutic health resort AZIMUT Hotel Erding

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Balneotherapeutic health resort

Therme Erding is the largest multi-functional hot springs complex, the largest in Europe, featuring water slides, thermal pools and spa centers.

You will see it when approaching Munich in the plane: you will be certainly surprised by the panoramic sight of a huge structure with three glass cupolas which get opened during hot weather. By the way, when the weather is cool there is always a lot of light inside the vast spaces of the complex. Even when it’s freezing cold everyone inside can enjoy rays of sun streaming in through glass. Summer never ends at Therme Erding!

The spa complex was erected for the use of healing waters of the hot springs. The water that is gushing from below earth is not specially heated for guests: its natural temperature from 34 to 38 degrees Celsius is both comfortable and incredibly beneficial for the body due to its composition.

The Therme Erding baths contain four theme areas: Galaxy waterslide area, Vital-Oase “beach-type” relaxation, Thermenparadies hot springs spas, and ROYAL DAY SPA.

Therme Erding is within only 5 minutes’ car ride from AZIMUT Hotel Erding.